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You Can Receive Up to $26,000 in Tax Credits Per W-2 Employee from 2020-2021 payroll Tax Filings.

ERC Tax Credit Enterprise Credits.
ERC Tax Credit Enterprise Credits.


What is ERTC(Employee Retention Tax Credit)?

ERTC gives eligible employers up to 70% federal tax credit for qualified wages paid between 03/13/2020 and 12/31/2021. It’s based on their 2019 avg. employees with $10,000 per employee per quarter limit. Claim it via payroll tax filings or Form 941-X. Employers with PPP loans can also claim the ERTC, but not on same wages used for PPP loan forgiveness. It offers financial relief to struggling businesses and employees.

How to Qualify For ERC?


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At Enterprise Credits we have made the process simple and easy with one online form. Our online form is designed to make the process as streamlined as possible.


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Once your application is submitted, we will help you calculate your tax credit. Our online professionals are here to help you get access to the capital you need.


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The last step is filling out the documents you need to get access to your Tax credit. We help you to know which documents you need in order to claim your credit.

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Get access to the capital your business needs with the Employee Retention Tax Credit(ERTC) and others.

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Our Tax experts will help you with the entire process from starting the application to submitting your Credit to the IRS. Let us do the heavy lifting.

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We have made the process easy so that you can focus on what matters. Let us help you get the capital your business needs to make the next step forward. Verify your Erc Tax Credit Eligibility today!

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“Getting access to ERC was super easy and quick with Enterprise Credits. Thank you for the amazing team you have.”


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How Much Can My business qualify for in ERC?

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